Sign More MVA & Personal Injury Cases Now

For Personal Injury Law Firms

Real time, exclusive accident victims reaching out for your help.

Find Injured Accident Victims Reaching Out To You The Moment They’re Looking For Help

If you’ve owned your firm for more than a few years then you already know that relying on referrals, word of mouth or crappy shared leads doesn’t work to provide cases and grow a profitable firm.

We’ve all been burned (ourselves included) by methods or strategies that were doomed from the start like expensive websites, bad SEO and Shared Internet Leads from lawyer matching services.

They’re all so called experts… but few if any can deliver cases consistently.

There’s an extreme difference between most of these methods and what our Case Rush™ system does to convert potential clients into signed cases month over month with consistency.

Start getting connected with pre-qualified potential clients that actually turn into great cases and increased revenue.

If you know how to intake a case then you will easily see several signed clients within the first few weeks of starting.

Our System Simply Works

How? We use Behavioral Data and AI to reach people who have been recently injured at exactly the right time. Our AI powered App takes those leads and instantly engages them with automated messaging that starts the conversation and wins more clients.
  • Find Recent Accident Victims using Live Behavioral Data and Machine Learning
  • Get Pre-Qualified Case Evaluations with Potential Clients
  • Within Statute, Injured, Not Repped, Not at Fault
  • Use our AI Powered APP to automatically start intake conversations.
Our Promise: No big sales pitch. We just show you how it's done, the real deal results and together we'll decide if it's a fit.