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Of the Worlds 3.2 Billion People are "Struggling" or "Suffering" in their Physical Well Being.


Case Study: Best 3rd Quarter in History

Before We Met

"We were struggling to find a mode of advertising that worked for our practice. Then another company introduced us to Well Rush..."

After 90 Days

"We had our best 3rd quarter in the history of our company. I would highly encourage you to get started right away and see how easy it is to bring people in and get more visibility"

- Cassidy Koons & Dr. Lee

Here's What You Get

How We Make it Happen

Behavioral Data & Machine Learning

Get in front of new clients using real time in-market data. These people are looking for help and they're ready to do something about it.

5 Step Growth Process​

This is the natural process that is running behind every successful business. We break it down and optimize the 5 Steps.​​

Reach the Right People Fast

You reach people who are ready to engage with your ads. When the timing and place are right, they take action... We don't guess, our battle tested campaigns work.​

Proven Lead Sites

Designed, tested and proven to deliver new clients for you. We tailor your Lead Site to your brand and it converts people into leads 24/7, 365 on your behalf.​​

Get More Appts​

Allow people to book a time to meet with you on your Lead Site. To grow revenue you need more appointments and we'll do it for you.

Clear & Measurable Results​

Results are easy to measure. What you can measure you can improve. ROI is precise and that means no excuses.

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