Partner Training

Access Training Resources Below

1. Partner Training Video

Training Modules:

  • Module 1: Understanding the Process
  • Module 2: How to Handle New People (Lead Handling)
  • Module 3: Using the Lead Tracking Sheet
  • Module 4: Consultation Sales Guide
  • Module 5: Handling Social Engagement

3. How to Improve Scheduling and Show Rates

Training Covers:

  • 1st Call Scheduling Script that engages leads and gets them through the door
  • Lead Warming Retargeting Video Strategy

Downloads & Resources

Consultation Session Sales Guide

The 11 Step Sales Guide for winning Consultations and handling objections.

1st Call - Appointment Setting & Qualifying Script

The 6 Step Script for Increasing Scheduling and Show Rates on the phone.

Lead Handling - Follow Up Sequence & Script

Step by Step guide for responding and following up with your new leads.

Lead Handling

A visual flow of lead handling, follow up and best practices for engaging leads.

Clients that Get it

The 4 Performance Indicators and how you impact your results.

Coaching Call

Schedule a 1:1 Coaching Call to review challenge areas and improvements.